Tale of the Too Tall Tree

A few years back, seven to be precise, a young couple having just purchased their first home headed to the nursery to buy the perfect tree. They both fell in love with a beautiful flowering tree, and took it home to plant.  Wanting to enjoy its beauty as much as possible they planted it right outside their dining room window. Oh how they babied that tree, watering it religiously and fertilizing it every spring. For a few years, they watched the tree grow, marveling at its beauty and how wonderful it looked with their house.

Then one day they drove up the driveway, and the man stopped the car and just gazed at the tree. “It’s covering up the house”, he said solemnly.  “Have you noticed the sidewalk? It’s lifting up right by the tree”, she replied. Shaking their heads, they walked into the house; their once beautiful tree was now a problem.

This scenario plays out all too often. With some forethought, and education, our couple could still be enjoying a beauty tree outside their window.

Planting a tree is an investment that will grow over time. Taking the time to choose the right tree will pay in dividends for years to come. When choosing a tree here are some things to consider:

  • Why are you planting tree? For color? Shade? Privacy? Habitat?
  • How tall do you want/need the tree to grow to?
  • As the tree grows, how is it going to affect its surroundings both above ground and underground. Are there power lines above? Will it grow into the house? Will it block the view of the house from the street? Will it shade out too much lawn? Are their septic lines nearby? How close is the waterline?
  • How fast will the tree grow? Will it accomplish what you want in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Does the area have the correct cultural conditions for the tree you are considering? How much sun? What about moisture? Does the area stay real wet or too dry?

Trees are a fantastic addition to the landscape; adding value to your home while allowing you more enjoyment from your yard. At Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock GA we help you choose the right tree(s) for your needs.


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