Most of us grew up in a time when summer meant building tree houses, running around your neighborhood, and walking to the nearest drug store for a soda with your buddies. When it was time for dinner, your parents called you inside or flashed the lights at you. Now, for most kids, summer has turned into watching hours of TV, playing on the latest gaming console, or seeing how far they can get in Candy Crush Saga. Children no longer spend the hours in the sun that they used to just enjoying being outside, but it’s something they still need to do. 

How Can You Get Your Kids Outdoors

Has your child ever visited a national park? Have they ever planted or cared for a vegetable garden? What about hiking or planting a tree? In an age where safety is a primary concern, many parents cite “stranger danger” as a reason they don’t let their children outdoors, but there are so many ways around that! Right here in Woodstock, GA, there are so many outdoor resources at your fingertips. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is only 30 minutes south in the heart of Atlanta. If you’d rather stay out of the traffic, head north towards Chattanooga and go see Rock City, only an hour and a half away.

While both of these are great options for exposing your children to nature, there are plenty of ways to get your kids outside and active, right in your backyard. Now is the perfect time to start planning a Fall garden. Bring your kids to Autumn Hill Nursery and let them pick out which types of lettuce and vegetables they want to plant. Help them create a raised bed and make it their responsibility to tend to the plants. They will be proud when you get to eat a salad that they grew with their own hands! Or – when planting season comes around, let them pick out flowers for your new front flower bed and help you plant them. Again, getting them involved and letting them see the results of their work will make them feel enriched, and since you will be working with them, safety will not be a concern.

Children need to be outdoors. For fun, for education, for their health. It is our responsibility to get them outside and teach them what it’s all about. Bring your children to Autumn Hill Nursery in Canton, GA and let them look around and enjoy the flowers and plants we have to offer. Who knows, you could be raising a green thumb gardener!

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