Whether their thumbs are green, brown, or somewhere in between, most Georgians take pride in their homes and landscapes. But homeowners often lack the time, confidence, and resources to design a cohesive landscape for their favorite spaces. If you’ve got a backyard, side yard, or front yard with heaps of potential, but no clear plan, it’s probably time to invest in a landscape design service.

Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

Landscape design is gardening made easy. For just $150 an experienced, practically-minded artist will design the front, back, or side yard of your dreams. Before drawing up the blueprints, your Autumn Hill landscape designer will discuss yard function (play spaces, entertaining areas, and pet fences), your family’s desired aesthetic, and price point. Take advantage of the keen eye and practical experience of the Autumn Hill nursery team when planning your next landscaping project.

Benefits of Landscape Design

home landscape design in woodstockAmateur landscape design often results in blank spaces, unhealthy plants, or a sort of hodgepodge look. Professional landscape design eliminates the troubles that arise from installing a half-planned landscape.

  • A landscape designer knows the best plants, the least expensive materials, and artistry necessary meld home architecture with garden elements. By hiring a pro, you save the time, money, and frustration wasted on picking the wrong plant or finding that elusive “perfect spot” for hardscape materials.
  • Landscape designers consider the practical elements of gardening, so homeowners can rest assured that their yards will suit their lifestyle needs.
  • A professional landscape blueprint allows you to implement phases of landscape renovation based on your personal budget. Install plants in key areas first, and then plant your other shrubs, trees, and flowers when you have the means. When you’re done, your landscape will be cohesive, unique, and suited to your personal tastes.

How It Works

If you’re ready to achieve the yard of your dreams, call Autumn Hill nursery to set up a landscape design consultation. We’ll discuss your needs, draw up a blueprint, and figure out the plants and materials you’ll need to complete the project. As an added bonus, all customers will receive 10% off plant purchases with any paid landscape design.

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