Does the idea of sprinkling freshly grown cucumbers or peppers into a crisp summer salad have you salivating? Have you found yourself wishing that you could grow your own vegetables, but don’t know where to start (or you’re scared of killing them off with your dreaded brown thumb?) Never fear – this week Autumn Hill Nursery is taking a look at some of the easiest (and tastiest!) vegetables that even the brownest of thumbs can grow.


The main ingredient in a crisp salad, lettuce is very easy to grow and maintain. Lettuce works well with other taller vegetables and flowers, and is also a good vegetable for container gardens. Lettuce grows quickly in full sun, but also does well in partial shade. It will grow best in the milder months of spring and fall.

Green Beans Growing green beans in your own garden

Is there another vegetable that’s more traditional at a southern table than green beans? Green beans come in a variety of sizes, but have two distinct growing habits – some are pole beans and some are bush beans. Pole beans work for trellises or along fences, as they require support to keep them from becoming a tangled mess of vines. Bush beans are shorter plants and can stand alone without support, often mature quicker than pole beans, and can be grown in a container garden or a square foot garden.


Cucumbers are a vegetable that can grow almost anywhere thanks to its ability to climb. Tower gardens are a good option for cucumbers if you want the vines to climb or if you’re working with a limited amount of space. Growing cucumbers in a tower garden will also protect the vegetables from getting damaged lying close to the ground.


A popular variety of tomato for beginning gardeners is the beefsteak tomato, which produces medium-to-large sized fruit that are perfect for slicing and adding to burgers and sandwiches. Slicing tomatoes, as they’re often called, tend to be disease-resistant and easy to grow. Some of the most popular slicers are ‘Better Boy’ and ‘Celebrity.’ Several heirloom tomato varieties are also excellent slicers, but stay tuned for an upcoming post all about heirlooms!


Zucchini grows well when started from seed, as transplants don’t do as well if their roots are disturbed. The squash are usually harvested while they are still immature, as the seeds are smaller and the flesh is more tender. An added treat for zucchini is the flowers themselves are edible. Traditionally, they are stuffed and fried, and can be found as a common dish in Italian restaurants.

What other vegetables would you love to learn how to grow? Let us know the next time you’re at our Woodstock or Canton location – we’re more than happy to help!

Photo via Flickr.

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