When you’re a kid, nothing beats summer vacation. Students spend months anticipating ice cream by the pool, trips to the beach, and two months without a page of homework. Unfortunately for their parents, an adult’s homework is never done. Summer pushes busy Woodstock residents into a season of stress at work, scheduling problems, and trying to keep the landscape alive in less-than-ideal conditions.

Stop looking at summer as a haze of heat and work holidays. Knock out the stress of summer gardening with these watering tips from Autumn Hill Nursery.

Watering Tips for a Summer Garden

  • snail in watering can spoutWater deeply, not daily. Plants absorb water more easily if it saturates the soil around their roots. Instead of watering shallowly every day, saturate the soil a few times a week.
  • Beat the heat by watering in the cool hours of early morning or late evening.
  • Plant new flowers, shrubs, and summer veggies on overcast days to encourage quick growth.
  • Water new plants more frequently until they establish.
  • Consider the location carefully before installing new flowerbeds. Pay attention to shade, soil conditions, and the water requirements of nearby plants.
  • Take care not to overwater. If your ground gets soggy, plants are more likely to grow mold or develop disease.

Drought Tolerant Plants

With a little TLC, almost any plant can survive a Georgia summer. For those of us with less time on our hands, drought tolerant varieties make life a whole lot easier.

  • Bermuda and Zoysia grasses thrive in the South, even during especially hot summers.
  • Once established, Oak Leaf Hydrangeas and Panicle Hydrangeas weather droughts well.
  • Lavender adds fragrance and color to the summer garden without demanding buckets of water in return. For easier care, plant lavender in containers.
  • Add depth to the summer garden by planting drought tolerant shrubs like Lenten Roses and Indian Hawthorn.

Looking for drought-friendly plants, new irrigation systems, or tips from the experts on watering best practices? Stop by Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock or Canton.

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