It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away. Blessing or curse, your Christmas list is already tickling the back of your mind. No matter how good you are at choosing Christmas gifts, a few simple tips will earn you the reputation as the best gift-giver ever. Channel your inner Santa with this guide to becoming a thoughtful gift-giver.

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Present

  1. Christmas tree and decorationsMake a list (and check it twice). Who are you shopping for this year? It may seem like a small thing, but if you have a large family, a Christmas list may be the only difference between Christmas bliss and “Oh no, I forgot the kid!”
  2. Start taking notes. Has your mother been talking about a new garden shovel since Labor Day? Does your niece want nothing more than her very own fairy garden? Make notes to ensure each person on your list receives a gift they’ll cherish for seasons to come.
  3. Consider cost. A meaningful gift doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. Make a budget based on how many people you’re shopping for this season. Consider who might enjoy a handmade gift like a DIY sugar scrub, priceless gift like heirloom flowers, or cost-free gift like winterizing garden beds.
  4. Make it meaningful. Do you and your sister love to reminisce about the elegant daphne flowers that graced your holiday home growing up? Invest in a lifetime of memories by buying her new plants for that bare spot in her front yard.
  5. Make every gift count. It doesn’t matter what winds up under the tree. It truly is the thought that counts. Dress up your gifts with festive wrapping paper, shimmering ribbons, and a handwritten note to make each recipient feel cherished this holiday season.

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Christmas Image from Flickr

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