container garden - bike basketAre you a novice gardener looking for a chance to expand your landscaping horizons? A busy mom who doesn’t have time to maintain the yard? How about a busy professional steadily saving for a total landscape redesign? Container gardening is a great way to turn your thumb green, whether you’re just starting out or you can’t seem to find time for the garden. Add a twist to traditional planters with these antique ideas for unconventional flower baskets and containers.

Hanging Baskets

Spend ten minutes on Pinterest, and you’ll be overwhelmed by a torrent of DIY gardening projects that seem so simple. Until you start them, that is. These hanging planter ideas will add instant class to your front porch without sending you straight to gardening therapy.

  • Bird cages. If you want to bring the wild beauty of an English garden to your porch, a repurposed bird cage makes an excellent container garden. Mix succulents and winter-hardy pansies for a burst of color as the weather cools.
  • Teapots. Want to add a point of interest to an outdoor patio set? Hang brightly painted, oversized teapots above the table and fill them with Amaryllis or Wax Begonia.

Grounded Planters

Prefer to keep your planters off the porch? An unconventional take on container gardening adds rustic flair to any garden space. Just make sure you smooth any jagged edges and ensure good drainage before planting.

  • Wagons. There’s something whimsical about incorporating wagons and wheelbarrows into the garden. Plant succulents in a vintage metal wagon or turn a deep wheelbarrow on its side and spill bright blooms from the bed.
  • Dressers and bookshelves. What do you do with furniture when it’s no longer fit for the home? Nestle it in the garden and fill each compartment with blooms, of course!

Make sure you give your flowers a fighting chance. If you’re new to basket gardening, ask the experts at Autumn Hill nursery which plants will thrive in your antique containers.

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