Summer is a season for spending time with family and going on fabulous vacations. When you are getting ready to leave you make sure your bags are packed, your boarding passes are in order, your pets have been taken to the boarding facility, but wait, you’re forgetting something! What about the other members of your family? Your plants! Autumn Hill Nursery has a few tips and tricks on how to make sure that your Woodstock, GA plants are watered while you are gone – and you don’t come home to a dead, sad garden.

Watering Houseplants While Away

If you are only planning on being out of town for a few days, a good thorough watering will probably tide your plants through. Get them good and wet so they have enough moisture to last until you get back. If you are going on an extended stay, there are many options that you can either make yourself or purchase from a garden center. One of the most common options are aqua globes. These are glass globes that have a long, skinny spout. You simply fill up the globe then stick the spout down into the soil of your plant. As the plant needs water, it will suck it out of the globe. A home made version of this is to simply fill up a 20 oz bottle, drill a few holes in the cap, and stick it upside down in your plant’s soil.

Keeping Your Outdoor Baskets and Containers Watered

Your outdoor plants that are either in pots or baskets can be treated the same way as your indoor houseplants. Water them thoroughly before you leave and make sure that they are on gravel or slightly lifted off of the ground so that they can drain. The most important part of keeping your outdoor containers alive is to move them into a shady spot so they can retain moisture and won’t get fried by our hot Georgia sun.

Watering the Garden

Your plants that are happily growing in your flower beds are those that will need the most effort and precautions if you are going on a long vacation from home. One of your best hands-off options is to install a drip irrigation system or a timed sprinkler to water early in the mornings. This will ensure that your plants are consistently getting the moisture that they need.

Even if you take all of these precautions to make sure that you plants are watered, your plants still might need some extra attention. If you have a friendly neighbor, ask them to come by and check on your garden and plants every few days. Or, you could take the professional approach and hire a landscape management company to take care of all of your watering and gardening while you are out.

Autumn Hill Nursery hopes you have a great trip, and that you will come back to see us at our garden center in Canton, GA when you return home!

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