fall vegetable gardens - gourdsIf you’re a recent transplant to the South, you may find Georgia’s fixation on fall gardening a little baffling. After all, in the northern states autumn arrives in a rush of cold wind and brisk temperatures, making the prospect of planting anything but winter-hardy flowers and vegetables seem like a pipe dream. Georgia gardeners are blessed with a longer growing season, making vegetable gardens, fall flowers, and even fall sod not just a dream, but a reality.

Why Fall Is Great for Growth

Temperatures in the South stay warm well into the fall, giving Georgia gardeners a much longer growing season than their friends in the North. Nighttime temperatures begin to drop, but the soil remains warm from a long summer of Georgia heat. This creates the ideal condition for root growth, allowing fall plants to establish quickly and heartily in the garden. Gardeners who aerate their yards in the fall will enjoy even better growing conditions, since aerated soil allows water and nutrients to reach plant roots more efficiently. Fall is also an excellent time for finding sales at our nursery. Take advantage of our Wednesday Madness specials or cultivate out-of-season varieties for next year’s garden at a bargain.

What to Plant in Your Fall Garden

While folks in New England and the Midwest decide how early to plant winter blooms, Southern gardeners are experiencing a second spring. Early fall is an excellent time to plant vegetable gardens, grow autumn flowers like mums and aster, and install new sod lawns. Some of our fall garden favorites include:

  • Container gardening
  • Miniature gardening
  • Fall veggies
  • Flowering mums
  • Encore azaleas
  • Camellia Sasanquas
  • Pansies and other winter-hardy blooms

Forward-thinking gardeners can spend late fall planting spring-blooming bulbs and prepping their flowerbeds for winter displays. If you’re looking for an autumnal arrangement with less upkeep, stop by one of our garden centers for unique hardscapes and garden decor.

Do you need supplies, plant materials, and professional tips on cultivating a fall garden in Georgia? Stop by Autumn Hill Nursery for fall flowers, vegetable seeds, and friendly advice from your favorite landscaping experts.

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