You’re a garden guru. You spent weekends strolling the aisles at Autumn Hill for that plant, garden ornament, or fountain that will complete your outdoor masterpiece. You get up early before work to manually the water plants that the sprinklers won’t get. And your fingernails have mud under them more often than not. Then you take a step back, and find all your diligent efforts just look shabby. What’s the problem?

3 Gardening Mistakes that Ruin Curb Appeal

  1. Letting nature grow. The English Garden look may be in, but grass clippings on the sidewalk, weeds in flowerbeds, and organic debris on the driveway are definitely out. Those boring tasks like leaf blowing pathways and pulling weeds may mean the difference between a picture-perfect landscape and an overgrown mess.
  2. Not cleaning your room. In the world of grown-ups, not cleaning your front lawn is just as embarrassing as not cleaning your bedroom. Pick up garden tools, kids’ toys, and outdoor equipment every day. If it’s too difficult to manage cleanup duty every day, encourage the kids to play in the backyard instead of the front.
  3. garden with personalityBeing a sheep. Does your yard look like every other lawn on the block? No wonder no one notices you. It’s a good idea to stick to neighborhood guidelines when designing your landscape, but personal details make a garden playful, inviting, and beautiful. Choose plants that have personal significance, plant flowers in honor of loved ones, or simply pick a plant because you like the color. In the end, if it makes you happy, it’s right for your yard.

Ready to update the landscape? Stop by Autumn Hill for plants, materials, and expert advice.

Garden Photo from Flickr

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