Are you happy with the landscaping in front of your house looks? 

Many of us are living with foundation landscaping that is either outdated and overgrown, or the boring plants the builder installed. This spring is a perfect time to transform your foundation landscaping into something that makes you smile and compliments your home.

Successfully relandscaping the front of your home is a process.  Here are a few things you should  consider as you begin the process of landscaping.

  • A list of goals
  • A budget
  • A design
  • An assessment of what you can or are willing to do yourself, and what you need to hire help with.

Let’s start with goals. Often they will include the following:

  • Compliment the house and not cover up windows and grow out over sidewalks
  • Add color and interest throughout the year
  • Keep maintenance to a minimum
  • Specific plants we want to incorporate if possible

Physically write these goals down so they can be checked off as we go through the design process.

Budget   We all have budgets, and knowing what is reasonable to expect to invest in your new landscaping can be daunting. Many variables will affect the cost of the project.  If you are dealing with smaller beds, and can do most or all of the work yourself, you may spend as little as $1,000-$2,000 dollars. Larger homes with overgrown shrubs that need to be removed are going to require a higher investment especially if you have to hire professionals to do the demolition and installation. You investment may be $5,000-$9,000.

Next you need a landscape design. The design should meet your list of goals, and work within your budget.  Whether you create the design yourself, or hire a professional the time spent creating a landscape plan will save you headaches and money.  Even if you can do the labor yourself, you may need help with the design. It is hard to know or imagine what plants work well with each other, how fast and large they grow and what cultural requirements they need to thrive. 

Be realistic with your time and abilities.  Digging out well established shrubs is physically demanding, and you need to have a means to dispose of the shrubs. Hiring help for the difficult parts will be cheaper than missing work and paying a chiropractor visits.  Time is a consideration for all of us.  Small beds in front if a house may make for a weekend project while larger homes with lots removal may take a month of weekends to complete.  As with most projects they usually take longer than we expect.

We can offer you help with a landscape design, and also the implementing of your new landscape should you need assistance.  Our  We Plan… You Plant Design Service is an economical way to achieve a design, and will work for most foundation planting beds across the front of a house. 

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