Great garden design starts with laying out your plan accordingly. Repetition and rhythm help set the stage for a beautiful and appealing landscape. Selecting unique flowers and foliage add another dynamic to your outdoor space. Adding walkways and edging will help keep everything in its place. But what’s still missing? Your own unique addition of garden art: signs, benches, windows, bird houses, fences, and your favorite knickknacks picked up along the way.

Types of Garden Art

Garden art can be anything that appeals to your eye and will stand up to the outdoor elements. Anything from hand sculpted arbors made of barbed wire, a traditional bird house, or a comfortable bench, to waterfalls made of old pianos, mason jar candles hanging out of your trees, or just a funky piece of metal you found. Everything can be incorporated into your outdoor living space to give it a personal touch and add to the atmosphere of your urban oasis.

The Garden Center at Autumn Hill

Both of our Autumn Hill Nursery locations have their very own garden center. Each hold unique pieces that we have cultivated just for your garden. Whether you are looking for a new pot for your patio, a set of patio furniture, or a decorative piece of metal scroll work, we have it all. In addition, we also carry your other garden essentials such as gloves, pruners, trowels, garden carts, and knee pads. When you are ready to dig into your Woodstock, GA backyard and get to planting, Autumn Hill has all the the supplies you will need, and we have plenty of inspiration to share too!

We would love to help you design your front or backyard and help you fill it with garden art that tickles your fancy. Come by either our Canton, GA or Hickory Flat, GA location today to see our wide selection of garden accessories in our garden centers and get help from our knowledgeable staff on which flowers will look best in your landscape design.

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