When you walk into a florists shop and choose that beautiful bouquet of roses, you are most likely choosing variety of hybrid tea roses. Hybrid tea roses are a cross between hybrid perpetuals and old fashioned tea roses and are considered rose royalty. Right now in Autumn Hill Nursery’s annual rose sale, we have many varieties of hybrid tea roses to choose from that can be reserved now and picked up from either our Canton, GA nursery or our Woodstock, GA nursery in April. But before you choose which rose you would like in your landscape, read on to learn more about the hybrid tea rose and what makes it different.

The History of Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybridising hybrid perpetuals with tea roses began in the late 19th century. The first official hybrid tea roses was deemed ‘La France” and was created in 1867. In the 20th century, hybrid tea roses became the most popular class of garden rose, and today they remain the standard in the floral industry.

Growing Hybrid Tea Roses

These roses grow with sparse foliage at the bottom of the plant and produce one single, large bloom at the end of a long stem. The plant is upright in shape, and due to its sparse foliage, must be placed carefully throughout your landscape.

Planting Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid teas prefer a sunny spot to spread their roots in well-drained, fertile soil. Feeding at least three times a season and proper pruning will ensure an abundance of blooms to fill your vases. In zones colder than Zone 6, it is recommended to apply heavy mulch around the base of the plant for protection from the weather.

Care of Hybrid Tea Roses

Using the appropriate rose food for your plant at least three times a year will help them grow and produce their sought after, fragrant blooms. Stop feeding your roses about 6 weeks before your first expected frost date to avoid damage to new growth. The standard 1-2 inches of water a week will be sufficient for these roses; be sure to always water the soil not the leaves to prevent disease.

Ready to plant your garden full of hybrid tea roses and fill your house with vases of their beautiful, fragrant blossoms? Reserve your roses today in Autumn Hill Nursery’s annual rose sale and receive 10-15% off from regular price.

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