Do you want to start a garden, but don’t have access to outdoor space? Don’t worry, apartment-dwellers; indoor gardening is easier than ever these days. Here are some tips and ideas to get started. indoor gardening

  • Right Plants, Right Place. Many plants actually thrive in the shade, or with just the sunlight from a window. North-facing windows are a great place for plants that need more light. Some plants may like the humid atmosphere of the bathroom! Make sure you keep indoor plants away from drafts and curious pets, and get appropriately-sized containers. Autumn Hill Nursery can help you select the best tools and plants for the conditions in your home.
  • Water Properly. Over-watering is one of the top reasons indoor plants die. Only water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Placing an ice cube or two on the soil (how many will depend on the size of your plant) will help release water at a steady pace. Occasionally misting your plants with room-temperature water will keep them happy, too!
  • Be Creative. Save space by gardening vertically or adding plants to existing furniture like bookshelves, drink carts, and shelving. Small pants can even make an attractive centerpiece for your table.
  • Plant Lights. If you’re really set on growing plants that don’t care for the shade, invest in plant lights to help your sun-loving plants thrive indoors.

Drop by Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock, GA when you’re ready to start gardening. We can help you create an indoor garden to match your budget, taste, and space!

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