Deer may seem cute and harmless, but any gardener can tell you how destructive they are. A fully grown deer can eat up to ten pounds of food a day! That kind of appetite can wreak havoc on your plants. Here are some ways to keep deer out of your gardenkeep deer out of your garden

  • Physical Barriers. Fencing is probably your best bet when it comes to keeping deer away from your plants. If you’d rather not spend the money for full fencing, or prefer the look of your plot without it, try an invisible fence made of fishing wire.
  • The Right Plants. Deer will avoid plants that have a strong, lingering smell, because the odor will stick to them and make them more noticeable to predators. There are a number of other plants that deer avoid. Take advantage of this by planting herbs like lavender, rosemary, oregano, or sage along the perimeter of your garden. As a bonus, your garden will smell amazing and you’ll have fresh herbs for cooking! 
  • Other Repellents. Deer have a very sensitive sense of smell. Repellents like predator urine, soap with tallow, and chemicals with a bad smell that can be applied to leaves will discourage them from munching.
  • Let the Dog Out! Giving your pooch free range access to your garden will frighten deer away, but only if the dog can reach all corners of the garden. If the dog is confined to an area nearby but can’t actually get to them, deer will quickly it and learn to ignore Fido’s barks while they feast.

At Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock, GA, we have all the tools and knowledge you need to build a beautiful garden that will deter deer. Contact us or come by our Cherokee County location and let’s get started!

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