June is a great time to grow tomatoes. With all the bright sunshine and warm soil, they will really thrive during this time if given proper attention. Here are some tips for growing the tastiest homegrown tomatoes.

Before you plant, make sure that your soil is the right pH for tomatoes. Ideally it should test between 6.2 and 6.8. They also need plenty of room–most varieties thrive in about 18 inches to 3 feet of space. Add a little balanced fertilizer and your tomatoes will be happy. beautiful sliced tomatoes

First, remember that tomatoes need a lot of light: at least eight hours or direct sunlight a day. To encourage the soil to stay warm, spread black plastic on the ground around your plants. This will also help control weeds and keep moisture in the soil. If you find that your plot isn’t getting enough sun, you can always work on ways to fix that. Hang white or reflective sheets to redirect the sunlight towards your tomatoes. On the other hand, your tomatoes can get overheated, so if they start to dry out under too much direct light, hang row covers where the sunlight is harshest.

Tomatoes also need deep watering of 6 to 8 inches twice a week (more often in very dry environments or in times of low rainfall), and a space free of weeds. If you expect a sudden drop in temperature, cover your tomatoes with a lightweight fabric to protect them. Otherwise, you’re golden!

Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock, GA has all the information, knowledge, and supplies you need to grow the best tomatoes possible. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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