There’s no denying that summer is here–temperatures are through the roof, and it’s only getting hotter! You know to take care of yourself in the heat, but did you know that your plants also need special care when it’s hot? Of course your succulents should be fine, but other, more delicate plants need extra attention. Here are some tips to help your plants deal with heat stress.

  • Water in the morning. You may have heard that it’s good for people start their day off with a glass of water. The same is true for plants! The earlier in the day you water, the more time roots have to absorb water before it evaporates from the soil. If you notice the leaves are still looking brittle, consider a secostick figure sweats under the hot sunnd watering later in the day.
  • Mulch (where appropriate). Obviously there are some plants that don’t like mulch, but in general, mulch is a great way to protect your plants’ roots from the summer sun. Mulch reflects heat away from the soil, which prevents evaporation and diffuses heat. At Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock, GA, we have a great selection of pre-made mulches, and can also give you tips on creating your own.
  • Shade cloths. Doctors recommend that people stay under shade during the hottest part of the day, when the sunlight is most direct, to avoid sunburn. This can also help your plants! Some plants will thrive even under the harshest sunlight, but for the rest, a shade cloth placed high enough to allow adequate airflow can be a great tool.
  • Bonus tip: make sure your indoor plants aren’t too close to the window. Glass conducts heat, and your poor potted plant can get cooked! Give them a few feet of space to really thrive.

Don’t forget to contact Autumn Hill Nursery with questions! With a little extra care, your garden can thrive this summer.

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