water on leafMany things can alter how much water your tree needs to stay healthy. Factors such as; tree age, root damage, time of year, weather conditions, soil conditions and the type of tree all play a part in how much water your tree really needs. So, if you’re not sure how much your tree actually needs, don’t worry, the Autumn Hill Nursery team is here for you.

So what do you need to do to make sure your tree stays alive?

  1. Water deeply than frequently. Believe it or not, most tree’s roots are located under the first two feet of soil. Watering this area is called “deep irrigation,” and yeah, you guessed it, this area also needs the most water. Each deep irrigation should last a tree between 10 days and 4 weeks. That’s a big gap, right? This period depends on the species of the tree and weather conditions.
  2. Stop when the runoff starts. Depending on the soil, it can take longer for some soils to receive the water. Soils like this are usually high in clay and can accept water as slowly as ¼ inch per hour. This means, take a break from watering if the water starts to create a puddle, or you notice the water is creating a running off instead of soaking into the soil. This will make sure your tree is getting all the water it needs.
  3. Don’t over saturate the soil. Don’t over water your tree. Long periods of saturating the soil can cause the tree roots to suffocate. If the soil is soggy, you’ve watered too much.

By following these simple steps, your trees are sure to always be properly hydrated. For more information about our plants, products and services at Autumn Hill Nursery, visit our website or give us a call at 770-442-3901. Do you enjoy visiting our nursery? Rate and share your experiences with us in the review section of our Facebook page today. We always enjoy hearing from you!

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