Yard Work

Fall is in full swing and the Autumn Hill Nursery team has put together an easy checklist of things to keep in mind when you’re getting ready to work in the garden this Fall.

Water Your Plants
Take this time to water your plants and trees, give them a good drink so their root have enough moisture to make it through the upcoming Winter months.

Clean Up Debris

Fallen rose foliage can possibly give diseases a safe place to overwinter and create problems in your garden next year.

Tweak Your Soil

Till the soil and add home-made compost in order to get your lawn ready for next year’s beds and your fall bulbs.

Adjust Your Mower

Grass grows more slowly in fall, but it still needs to be cut to prepare for winter, so ultimately a lower cutting height helps the soil dry out more quickly in spring.

Feed The Birds

Don’t forget to stock up your feathered friends’ food supply as their food supply tends to decrease in the Fall.

Cut Your Perennials

Your Perennials are ready! If for some reason your plants didn’t come out they way they should’ve, try rearranging them. Hold off on dividing asters, chrysanthemums, and other fall-blooming perennials. It’s best to split them in spring.

These are just a few things to be mindful of when you’re preparing your garden for the Fall. These are not the only things you should think about when considering Fall garden maintenance, so give us a call and someone from our trained staff will be happy to give you more information about Fall garden maintenance.   

For more information about our products and services at the nursery, visit our website or give us a call at 770-442-3901. Have you been by the nursery lately? Rate and share your experience with us in the review section of our Facebook page today. We love hearing from you!

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