Hydrangeas make a bold statement. These classic, showy shrubs can transform a landscape, making it more welcoming, more eye-catching, and more compelling. And with such a vast array of varieties to choose from, it’s not hard to stand out from your neighbors when planting summer hydrangeas.

Preparing to Plant Hydrangeas

hydrangea gardenThe first step in any successful landscape design is to do your homework. Research which hydrangea varieties flourish in your growing conditions, and which kinds wither and wilt. Soil pH affects hydrangeas, so test your soil to determine if the pH will change your hydrangea from pink to blue (or vice versa). Determine how many hydrangeas you’d like to plant. This shrub makes a statement as a single showpiece shrub or as a network of plants, so the options are endless.

Got the basics down? Down to the drawing board.

Designing a Landscape for Hydrangeas

  1. Keep it simple. If you like tasteful, understated gardening, there’s a certain allure to planting a single hydrangea bush in a place of prominence, such as beside the front steps or by the mailbox.
  2. Pretty privacy. Hydrangea bushes are lush and large, making them an ideal plant for creating a privacy screen. Line hydrangeas along a fence for subtle privacy screening or around a sitting area in the garden to create a lovely escape from the world.
  3. The bigger, the better. Hydrangeas add lush color, rich texture, and vital growth no matter where they’re planted. Make the most of these eye-catching plants by using hydrangeas to border the house, fence, or backyard.
  4. Diversify the landscape. When most gardeners think “hedge” they imagine rows of identical bushes to conceal ugly or boring structures. Think outside the box by planting the artistic Lady in Red hydrangea beside soft, sweet Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas. Does the thought of mixing varieties make you cringe? Try the L.A. Dreamin’ hydrangea, which grows pink, blue, and purple flowers on the same shrub.

At Autumn Hill Nursery, we have hydrangeas as far as the eye can see. Come stroll the paths of our garden center and see which shrub catches your eye. While you’re here, get expert advice on planting and maintaining hydrangea bushes.

Hydrangea Garden

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