1. Proper pruning leads to less pruning. Shearing your plants actually promotes an abundance of new growth. Prune judiciously removing entire branches from within the plant, or cutting branches back to where another branch originates. This type of pruning will not promote near as much new growth, and is healthier for the plant.
2. Mulch your beds. A good layer of mulch will help control weeds, and aid the soil in retaining moisture for your plants.
3.Using a slow-release organic fertilizer will keep your soil and plants happy and healthier
4. Consider a pre-emergence to keep weeds from germinating.  Some like the Espoma Weed Preventer are all organic
5. A shift in perspective can help some of us. Balancing our desire for a perfectly manicure landscape with accepting that we are dealing with nature can go a long way in reducing our work load.