autumn flowers and plantsYou’ve planted your pansies, potted your mums, and enriched the soil of your vegetable gardens, but your seasonal landscape still feels incomplete. What to do? If you find yourself wishing for a little holiday spirit in the garden, you can transform your garden for Halloween without going full-on haunted. Make the most of the crisp air, warm fall hues, and seasonal cues with these 4 simple Halloween decorations for the garden.

  1. Place a Jack o’ Lantern on the porch. Ready to carve some pumpkins? Jack o’ Lanterns are a classic fall decor piece that are easy to customize. Carve a spooky specter into your pumpkin to give trick or treaters a fright or go classic with your holiday decor by carving an elegant print into your Jack o’ Lantern. Your porch will warm and transform from the moment you light the first candle.
  2. Drape your trees. Whether you embrace the frightful feel of the Halloween season or you prefer the welcoming warmth of Thanksgiving, tree ornaments allow landscapers to shift the mood of their seasonal displays. Hang ball lights or paper lanterns from low branches for instant warmth in the front yard. Want an extra dose of fright for Halloween night? Drape cobwebs along tree trunks and hang tattered fabric from gnarled branches.
  3. Make your own Halloweenscape. It’s no mystery why miniature gardening is our latest obsession at Autumn Hill. Mini gardens are simple to make, free of upkeep, and completely personalized. Stop by one of our Saturday workshops to create a haunted house, Hansel and Gretel candy cottage, or Thanksgiving oasis. They’re perfect for a quick dose of holiday spirit on the porch, in the house, or in the garden.
  4. Plant for winter. If you’re used to northern winters, you may not realize how many opportunities Georgians have for fall landscaping. Keep updated on our weekly blog for tips about autumn vegetable gardens, fall flowers, and container gardening. Visit one of our garden centers for personalized advice about how to transform your yard this fall.

Set the mood this holiday season by updating your outdoor decor. Visit Autumn Hill Nursery for a wide selection of Thanksgiving decor, Halloween garden accessories, and cool-weather plants for the autumn garden.

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