As a nature enthusiast, it’s fulfilling to watch winter birds flit from one silvery branch to the next, filling the backyard with color, life, and trilling song. Winter bird feeding doesn’t just attract birds to the garden. It also provides vital nutrients to animals who often struggle to find food in the colder seasons. Why do we love feeding birds?

3 Reasons to Feed Winter Birds

  1. female cardinal at feederIt keeps the wildlife going. Winter birds like chickadees have fixed territories. Once they come to rely on a winter food source, they’ll keep coming back, even if the food supply dwindles. Once you’ve started filling your winter feeders, make sure to keep them stocked until spring.
  2. You could lose the fruits of your labor. Many gardeners spend all summer cultivating the ideal habitat for Georgia birds. Bird baths, bird houses, and feeders become integral parts of the landscape. But if you stop feeding birds in the winter, many species will fly off — never to return. Keep your bird garden bursting with life by providing them with crucial nutrients during the winter.
  3. It’s good for you, too. In a season where vivid colors drain from the garden, attracting birds can bring a burst of life to the landscape. Bird watching provides color, motion, and song to dull gardens. Use the opportunity to learn more about individual species. Supplement your kids’ biology lessons with hands-on experience feeding and caring for these flighty creatures. In the end, you’ll be happier for it (and so will your feathered friends!).

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Bird Feeder Image from Flickr

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