Our pre-purchase sale has ended.  If you have not received an email or text from us regarding pickup arrangements please contact us.

Our roses Are looking beautiful, and will be available for purchase starting Saturday, April 1st We have about 130 varieties including David Austins, Koredes, hydbrid teas, floribundas, climbers and tree roses.

New to rose gardening? We are happy to help you choose varieties, as well as  discuss cultural needs and how to plant and care for your roses. We carry everything you need to successfully grow roses.

We will list our roses for Spring 2024 on our website in November. At that time you can pre-purchase your roses as many varieties sell out quickly.

For 30 years we have been gaining your trust as the go-to nursery for healthy, beautiful roses.  It all started the first spring we were in business. Kari and I were excited to offer roses to our customers. We ordered roses from larger growers and were so disappointed when they came in looking weak and diseased. We knew then that if we wanted nice roses we would need to grow them ourselves. The following year we ordered 100 bare root roses, potted them and grew them out for spring. They sold out immediately, so we ordered 250 for the following year. Today we fill 6000 square feet of green houses with approximately 2000 roses. Our reputation for providing healthy roses extends beyond metro Atlanta with rose lovers coming from neighboring states to select their roses.


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