Landscaping does not last forever

cindy 2 (2)You have heard me say before that you should not view your landscape as permanent. Cultural conditions can change as surrounding trees grow; shrubs start to decline after years of pruning and weather-related stress. Styles change too; and your landscaping can date your house while slowly starting to look over grown.  Ten years is often a reasonable amount of time before having to seriously address changes in your landscape.


Twelve years ago Cindy Moody in Woodstock contacted us to landscape the front of her new home. One of our goals was to make her home stand out as you drove down the street as all the homes looked pretty much alike.


With this in mind, we constructed two short stone walls with a dry creek bed running between them.  Drift roses and lower-growing cryptomerias added interest while the loropetalum added year-round color with its maroon foliage.  The zelkova street tree had to stay though we knew eventually it would shade the front. The design certainly made her yard stand out, and complimented the house for years to come.


cindy 2 (1)Twelve years later though, things have changed, and it was time to address the landscape once again. As you can see the zelkova tree has grown nicely though now casts quite a bit of shade on a once sunny bed. The conifers and loropetalums are a little too large, and the roses no longer bloom.  The grass out front was nearly gone from the shade Cindy asked us back to see what suggestions we could make.


The loropetalums and cryptomerias had to go, while the soft touch hollies remained as they look beautiful.  We brought the bed out o the sidewalk as reestablishing grass was going to be impossible with all the shade. We needed to keep things low while adding some color and texture.  The conifers and roses were replaced with spreading yews and one dwarf hydrangea.  The loropetalums were replaced with one Strawberry Sundae hydrangeas and a few Vintage Jade distyliums.  To add a little interest we added two boulders and some Georgia Blue Veronica in front fo the dwarf hydrangea. Fire and Ice hostas will soon emerge above the stone wall for additional color.


cindy 3Once again the yard will stand out, and compliment the house. Cindy should get another ten years or more from the new landscape. I can tell you though I am going to feel really old when she calls for the third time.

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