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Summary & Timeline for Golden Ray Series for 2015

 The JMG program is modeled after the highly successful Master Gardener program and offers horticultural and environmental science education and leadership and life skills development through fun and creative activities. This program is committed to helping young people become good gardeners and good citizens so they can make a positive contribution to their community, school and family.

The Level One program is designed for children in grade 3 to 5. Only 10 spaces are available. The cost of the program is $25 per child to cover classroom materials.

We need a minimum of 10 kids to start the program. If you are interested in your child being involved in the program please email us at autumnhillnursery@hotmail.com. 

The first JMG GRS program will cover:

– 12 activities in Chapter I

– 9 group class activities & 3 youth handbook homework assignments

– 1 life skill/career exploration activity

– 1 community service project.

Each child may only miss one (1) of the 8 classes and must complete all homework assignments in order to graduate. The graduates will receive a completion certificate and a ribbon lanyard and pin of accomplishment upon graduation.

We will meet from 3:30pm- 5:00 pm on Fridays once we have minimum of 10. see schedule below:

Golden Ray Badge based on Chapter 1 Plant Growth & Development

Kickoff session – Introduction of Program, handout schedules & name badges, set date for CS handouts

Activity 1 – Importance and Uses of Plants – Hamburger Plant

Session 2 – Activity 2 Plant Parts Chant 

   Plus Phase 1 of Community Service Project –  The group presses leaves and flowers between pages of books.

Session 3 – Activity 8 – Propagation, Gallon Greenhouse 

   Plus Group activity – Life skill/career exploration activity – Know your JMG friends

 Session 4 – Activity 3 – Plant parts we Eat 

   Plus activity 10 – Homework assignment – Plant Product Collage

 Session 5 – Activity 4 – Plant Needs, What’s Not the Same? 

   Plus Activity 9 – Propagation, Propagation Demonstration

Session 6 – Activity 5 – Plant Needs, Picture Yourself a Plant 

   Plus Phase 2 of Community Service Project – Glue pressed leaves & flowers to heavy paper to create bookmarks or note cards

   Plus activity 11 – Homework assignment – Fantastical Parts

Session 7 – Activity 6 – Plant Growth, Topiary Design 

   Plus activity 12 – Homework assignment – Variable Menu

Session 8 – Activity 7 – Plant Processes, Gas Gobblers 

     Plus graduation, award badges, etc.

If you are interested in your grade 3 thru 5 child participating, please email us at autumnhillnursery@hotmail.com  . We only have 10 spots available and they will be filled on a first-come, first signed up basis.

Note: You will need to include in the email your child’s name, age, address, school grade, name of school and your contact phone number.  

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