Every gardener who walks the paths at Autumn Hill Nursery has a different story. And each of their gardens speak to that story. Some gardeners plant to remember, some plant as therapy, and some plant to display their creative talents. Some prefer vibrant colors, while others prefer rich scents. What kind of gardener are you?

Gardener Archetypes

  • gardenerThe architect. Plants may be living, growing entities, but architectural gardeners prefer to bring structure and order to sprawling gardens. They base their landscapes on blueprints and rarely stray from the plan. Many architectural gardeners also enjoy incorporating hardscape elements to provide year-round structure to the garden. Look for clean lines and tasteful beauty or intricate, well-tended flowerbeds in an architect’s garden.
  • The Memory Lane gardener. Memory Lane gardeners are often taken by flights of whimsy, choosing their annuals, perennials, and garden ornaments based on feelings or memories. They may recreate childhood nostalgia by turning a toy wagon into a planter. They may also take home flowers and ornaments as souvenirs after particularly memorable experiences.
  • The traveler. More fond of exploring others’ greenest spaces, the traveling gardener finds beauty wherever she goes. You’ll find these types of gardeners filling Facebook with snapshots of hundred year old trees and fields full of wildflowers. More likely to spend a Saturday touring famous gardens near Atlanta than digging in their own, they have a love of nature that matches any gardener who gets their hands dirty.
  • The artist. With an eye for beauty and a drive to match, artistic gardeners explore how color, pattern, depth, and symmetry interplay in the garden. Some artists pick a design and stick to it, building off their vision for years to come. Others like trying something new once they’ve perfected the garden in their head. Either way, you’ll never be bored shopping with an artistic gardener (although you may never get home, either).
  • The hopeful. Hopeful gardeners have killed many a houseplant, but they have a desire to learn and the perseverance to keep trying. Hopeful gardeners may be newbies, casual gardeners, or fighting a brown thumb, but they always find their way back to the nursery.

At Autumn Hill Nursery, we’ve all experienced these kinds of gardening at one point or another. Explore the possibilities with us at our Woodstock garden center.


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