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About our roses
We only sell pre-finished roses in 3-gallon containers ready to be planted in your garden.

Below are links to browse our selections of roses by rose type. Unfortunately we cannot keep the rose availability updated on the website at this time.  Please make a list of the roses that interest you, and call, stop by, or email us for availability. 

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 New Introductions for 2020

Be the first to enjoy the latest introductions. These roses out performed dozens of other roses that growers are testing for years before deciding they are worthy to grow in your own garden. Quantities are limited, act quickly.

Our Kordes Rose Collection

Now in its 5th generation, the Kordes family have been passionately propagating uniquely beautiful roses for 130 years. Located in Germany, its founder, then 22 year old Wilhelm Kordes could never have imagined his company’s longevity and success. Wilhelm collected roses from around the world for propagation, hoping to produce beautiful new rose varieties for others to appreciate. He quickly became the leading rose developer of his time, and their reputation for beautiful, naturally healthy and disease resistant roses remains strong to this day.

Bring Your Roses onto your deck or patio with containers

Many roses are easily grown in containers allowing you to enjoy them on your deck or patio.  You will want to use containers at least 18 inches in diameter for most roses.  A nutrient-rich quality  potting soil such as our Fafard Complete Container Mix is ideal.  Consistent moisture and scheduled fertilizing along with plenty of sunlight will be your key to success.

A Word About Own-Root Roses

Most of today’s roses are grafted.  Grafting roses allows growers to create a large number of roses from very little stock since each rose bud can produce a new bush by grafting it to a  readily available rose root stock.  There is nothing wrong with this, and for decades it has allowed the industry to provide consumers a wide variety of roses at a reasonable cost.

The alternative is own-root roses where no grafting is involved and each rose bush is grown from its own root.  This method of growing roses is gaining in popularity and today Autumn Hill Nursery is able to provide more own-root roses than ever before,

Here are a few characteristics of own-root roses

  • More cold hardy as there is no graft union which can be more susceptible to cold damage (here in the South this is usually not an issue
  • If a rose does die back to the ground from cold, it comes back as the same rose
  • Generally own-root roses grow bushier as the number of canes are not limited by the graft union
  • Often they bloom heavier the than the graft roses

All our own-root roses are noted as such in their descriptions.



Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Teas and Grandi floras have that classic rose form with heavy petal count 30-50. Flowers are single or in clusters atop long stems. Many varieties are fragrant and make great cut flowers. These roses require more care than most other varieties of roses. Flowers are usually produced in 6-7 week cycles.


Floribunda Roses

Profuse blooming roses with large clusters of blooms at any given time providing massive colorful, long-lasting displays in the garden. Easier to care for than Hybrid Teas.

David Austin Roses

Established in the ’60s, this English company is family-owned and is celebrated worldwide for their roses. With over 200 introductions, they demand performance from their roses. All have wonderful fragrances and are generally considered large growing shrubs or short climbers. Every rose garden should include at least one David Austin rose.

Climbing Roses

Long arching canes that can climb or entwine fences, trellises, arbors or trail over walls. Blooms come in many forms and sizes.

Shrub Roses

Generally, they have a sprawling bushy habit, are easy to grow, and bear flowers all summer long. Considered a landscape rose, they can be incorporated into most any garden or setting.

Tree Roses

Tree roses are grafted to a standard trunk usually 18-36” tall. Great as focal points, in containers, or to bring a layered look to a flower garden.

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