Choosing the right plants for a privacy screen

With lot sizes shrinking and urban sprawl increasing many of us find ourselves longing for privacy and escape from noise.  Evergreen shrubs and trees can provide both.  Forethought and planning is essential for successfully creating a screen.

A few things to consider when deciding what plants to use for your screen are:

  • Is the area sunny or shady
  • Mature height and width. Will the plants grow large enough to provide the privacy you desire? Does the space allow for their mature width?
  • What is the minimum height you need your plants to grow to give you adequate screening
  • Are there overhead power lines
  • Do you have a problem with deer eating plants
  • How fast do the plants grow

Once you have decided what plant or combination of plants you are going to incorporate, you need to determine how many plants you need.  You want to find a balance between not overcrowding your plants and proving a full screen in a reasonable amount of time. If space allows, you can get more coverage while allowing room for plants to grow by staggering two rows of plants.

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