Georgia is For the Birds

With its mild climate and abundant rainfall, Georgia is a great place to bird watch. Did you know that Autumn Hill Nursery carries birding supplies?  To attract birds, you’ll need to create a comfortable environment for them. Birds need a good source...

Growing Strong Indoors

Do you want to start a garden, but don’t have access to outdoor space? Don't worry, apartment-dwellers; indoor gardening is easier than ever these days. Here are some tips and ideas to get started.  Right Plants, Right Place. Many plants actually thrive in the shade,...

Rose Spraying Program for Fungus-Free Flowers

Roses are perhaps the most famous flowers, and make a dramatic and beautiful addition to any garden. If you’ve already read our Roses 101 and taken the plunge with your own roses, your next step is to follow the Rose Spraying Program we’ve developed here at Autumn...

Beneficial Insects 101

When you have a problem with pests eating your carefully selected plants, it can be tempting to lay down a field full of pesticides. But remember, not all bugs are bad! Many insects are beneficial for your garden, and prey on pests.  Pretty much everyone has heard of...

Keep Deer Out of Your Plants

Deer may seem cute and harmless, but any gardener can tell you how destructive they are. A fully grown deer can eat up to ten pounds of food a day! That kind of appetite can wreak havoc on your plants. Here are some ways to keep deer out of your garden.  Physical...

Summer Landscaping Redesign!

Summer is a great time to think about redesigning your yard or garden! We spend so much time outside in the summer and fall, enjoying our outdoor spaces, we really get a sense for what works and what doesn’t. Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock, GA offers beautiful...

Tomato Tips!

June is a great time to grow tomatoes. With all the bright sunshine and warm soil, they will really thrive during this time if given proper attention. Here are some tips for growing the tastiest homegrown tomatoes. Before you plant, make sure that your soil is the...

Protect Your Plants from Heat Stress

There’s no denying that summer is here--temperatures are through the roof, and it’s only getting hotter! You know to take care of yourself in the heat, but did you know that your plants also need special care when it’s hot? Of course your succulents should be fine,...

Fun with Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta planters are popular with gardeners, and with good reason: they’re versatile, sturdy, and provide a great living space for most plants. They can also be a great backdrop for your artistic leanings! Here are some ideas for fun projects to do with your terra...

The Meaning of Roses

Giving flowers is a gift with a clear message: “I was thinking of you.” But did you know that flowers have a language all their own? Throughout history, different flowers have meant different things in different cultures. Roses in particular have developed a lot of...

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