A Summer Showpiece

Hydrangeas make a bold statement. These classic, showy shrubs can transform a landscape, making it more welcoming, more eye-catching, and more compelling. And with such a vast array of varieties to choose from, it’s not hard to stand out from your neighbors when...

Hydrangea-Happy Gardening

We’ve gone a little hydrangea-happy at our Woodstock gardening center this month. But who could blame us? These classic shrubs add texture and color to any garden landscape. Whether you’re playing with acidity to change the color of your hydrangea bushes or marveling...

What Kind of Gardener Are You?

Every gardener who walks the paths at Autumn Hill Nursery has a different story. And each of their gardens speak to that story. Some gardeners plant to remember, some plant as therapy, and some plant to display their creative talents. Some prefer vibrant colors, while...

How to Keep Mildew Off Your Impatiens

With their cheerful faces and versatility, impatiens dot landscapes across the South, bringing colorful ground cover, lush borders, and bright bursts of pigment to gardens. But in recent years, there’s been a dark spot on this flower: downy mildew. Impatiens and Downy...

Annuals, A-Z

It’s springtime in the South. Window boxes bloom, porch containers overflow, and every year folks get more clever about how to display their annuals in unlikely container gardens. Every gardener has their favorites, from delicate impatiens to butterfly-beloved...

Fresh Veggies (Hold the Chemicals)

If you caught Joe Lamp’l at our Garden for Life SpringFest, you may have tucked away a secret or two about organic gardening. Composting makes use of kitchen waste and an organic flower garden can reduce chemicals in the atmosphere, but if you’re going to start an...

Dividing Perennials to rejuvenate them

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching the perennials you’ve tended over the years thrive. But when plants get too big, they grow unhealthy and start to stagnate. Spring is an excellent time to divide your perennials. Revitalize your favorite plants by dividing...

No Rose Garden? No Problem

Roses are arriving in droves, transforming Autumn Hill Nursery into a whimsical, elegant sweep of color. Many gardeners have already planted their pre-order roses, artfully arranging Rugosas, Grandiflora Roses, and Climbing Roses. Other Woodstock gardeners are waiting...

Show Off Blooms with Raised Flower Beds

Dealing with soil compaction problems, drainage issues, or garden pests? Raised beds could be the answer! Protected from foot traffic and ground-level soil problems alike, raised garden beds make it easy for gardeners to control the elements and grow the perfect...

Take Rose Gardening to New Heights

Climbing roses are born performers, stealing the show in any garden display. Their vibrant colors, full blooms, and ability to twine into trellises, fences, and supports make these plants as versatile as they are lovely. Choose from a variety of colors, single and...

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