Plants Great for Ground Covering

Plants Great for Ground Covering

When you feel like throwing rug over the ground and calling it a day, ground cover plants are perfect for you. Check out a list of some good ground covering plants we put together for you. Thyme - This evergreen plant is great for ground covering and also cooking. The...

Spice up your pumpkins this Fall

Spice up your pumpkins this Fall

Summer’s in full swing, but soon, the leaves will begin to change colors, the kids will be getting ready to go back to school and pumpkins will soon be appearing all over town. Since Autumn Hill Nursery has all your Fall harvest essentials, we thought it would be fun...

Gearing up for Fall 2016

Gearing up for Fall 2016

Planting isn’t only for the Spring, Fall showers are generally plentiful and pests and disease problems usually fade away in the fall. You don't need fertilizer, either, as fertilizer promotes new, tender growth that can be nipped by winter weather; so yes, Summer is...

Low maintenance plants great for the house

Low maintenance plants great for the house

When life is going full speed, sometimes, it can be easy to forget to water your plants. At Autumn Hill Nursery we know keeping plants alive doesn’t have to be hard. So we’ve put together a list of five plants that are great for surviving in the house. Now, no matter...

Are your trees getting enough water?

Are your trees getting enough water?

Many things can alter how much water your tree needs to stay healthy. Factors such as; tree age, root damage, time of year, weather conditions, soil conditions and the type of tree all play a part in how much water your tree really needs. So, if you’re not sure how...

Gardeners share why they love Autumn Hill Nursery

Gardeners share why they love Autumn Hill Nursery

At Autumn Hill Nursery, we take pride in providing superior customer service. Take a look at why our customers love us! “Great customer service… Thank you for helping with my plant questions and making it easy to navigate the area! So much less confusing than others I...

Create Your Own Poolside Oasis

It’s officially summer. The sun is blazing hot, the water is blessedly cool, and families with pools spend every opportunity to lounge around in their very own backyard getaways. Poolside areas are more than just a place to relax after a busy week of work and hustling...

Color Theory in the Garden

When it comes to summer gardening, it’s easy to get swept up in the rush of bushy blooms, elegant stems, and vivid colors. But sometimes the crimson flowers you planted in a fit of excitement one Saturday morning wind up looking a little . . . off next to those...

How to Keep Tomato Plants Disease-Free

Whether you prefer heirlooms or hybrid varieties, tomatoes are a summer vegetable gardening staple for almost everyone. However, despite their popularity, tomato plants can be fickle and prone to disease, especially in humid climates with a lot of insects, fungi, and...

The Foolproof Guide to Companion Planting Veggies

When you start planning your vegetable garden, you can help your veggies by planting them with other vegetables that will help support growth. Here are some things to think about as you start to get ready for your companion veggie planting plan. Choose the...

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