A Little About Us

At Autumn Hill Nursery & Landscape, we offer smiles and solutions.

Autumn Hill Nursery FamilyPlants are just a means to provide them. Passionate gardeners come to see what new plants they can’t live without, while homeowners come  to solve a problem. We get it, and we are here to help.

24 years ago

Kari and I started Autumn Hill Nursery and Landscaping in 1992.  Crossing our fingers, and with the help of our parents, we purchased  a run-down, weed invested nursery with little clue as to what we were doing.  People with a passion for gardening soon found us, and we quickly began hiring seasoned gardeners.

We get excited about plants around here, and we love to share our experience.  Being homeowners like you with budgets, time constraints, and limitations, we can put ourselves in your shoes.  We understand what you need to know to succeed at landscaping or gardening.

What were we thinking?School field trip to the nursery

Way back that first year, Kari and I often looked at each other and would both blurt out, “What were we thinking?”, and the question has been repeated many a time since. We may have not known what we were thinking, but it turns out we found something we enjoy doing. We love helping people.

Owning Autumn Hill Nursery has allowed us to share our family and personal lives with our customers and our employees. Over the years we have worked side by side with virtually every member of our family building the business. My brother, Stephen works with us to this day, overseeing our landscape projects.  We have some employees, and customers, who  have been part of our lives for nearly 24 years.  

Kari and I have been blessed with a staff that takes ownership of the company, and willingly give way more than is expected. They too, truly enjoy helping you.  

Come see us, and let’s talk gardening. We look forward to meeting you.