At Autumn Hill Nursery, we believe in the power of growth: growing gardens, growing friendships, and growing the community. Our Woodstock garden center lets us plant our two passions side-by-side: gardening and family. We love sharing gardening wisdom with our friends in Woodstock, gleaning new ideas from the creativity of our neighbors, and transforming our community one plot of earth at a time.

Garden Supply in Hickory Flat

Looking for a new shovel, an exotic flower, or the perfect shrub for that bare spot by the mailbox? Visit Autumn Hill Nursery. We love talking landscapes, whether you need tips for planting spring bulbs or you just want to brag on your new garden. We stock a full range of seasonal plants, landscaping tools, and hardscaping elements to take your yard from “secret garden” to entertaining oasis. Need a little extra oomph? Stroll through our selection of seasonal garden decor items and artwork from local artists.

Learning, Growing, and Living Life

Autumn Hill Nursery is so much more than “the gardening store down the road.” We started our nursery as a way to share our passion for gardening with our friends and neighbors. Named a Grateful Deadheaders Gardening Club to meet like minded gardeners around Hickory Flat. Instill a love of nature in your kids with our Jr Master Gardeners program. Love digging into new projects? We offer seasonal workshops all year long. Master new gardening skills, learn the benefits of organic landscaping, and take home a fun new craft. If you can dream it, you can grow it.